Climate Change Law

Climate change law is a dynamic and complicated area, with practical implications new to Canadian environmental law. There are substantive climate change laws in place in 5 Canadian provinces: BC (tax); Alberta (trading and tax); Ontario (coal phase-out); Quebec (trading and tax); and, Nova Scotia (electricity cap and trade). 

In 2015 we can expect Alberta to renew their climate change approach and Ontario to release details of their cap and trade approach. With international climate talks expected to close out the year with a strong push for an multi-lateral post-2020 agreement, expect political emphasis on climate change to reach a flurry by December. For more information on Ontario's cap and trade system check here

Climate change law includes buying and selling emissions credits, regulatory compliance, and offset project management. Carbon risks and sensitivities have become a critical consideration for corporate boards and investors. And industry is increasingly facing complicated greenhouse gas regulations at both the federal and provincial level. 

Graystone Environmental provides unique counsel in this area of modern environmental law. Roxie brings over ten years of experience working with climate change policy, legislation, and regulation. A well developed technical understanding and a detailed legal understanding of Canadian climate change law allows Roxie to provide the highest caliber climate change advice and legal counsel.