Renewable Energy

Over the last 5 years, renewable energy projects in Ontario have been lucrative. The province's feed-in-tariff program has spurred investment in projects as well has manufacturing. Solar PV has taken a firm hold in the province with both commercial and private projects coming on line to take advantage of the FIT and microFIT rates. While rates are more than half of what they began at for rooftop solar panels, rates are still economical considering the dramatic decrease in capital costs for solar PV equipment. 

The downside of the renewable energy surge has been the impact on infrastructure. More distributed generation has identified needs for upgrades in networks across the province. 

This surge has also identified the need for legal counsel that can help clients navigate all stages of the project development, implementation, and operation. 

Graystone Environmental has helped renewable energy clients in all stages. Typically work focuses on contract drafting and negotiation but it can quickly turn to litigation and statements of claim. Roxie has helped clients deal with project failures through litigation and has drafted and negotiated a variety of effective renewable energy-related contracts (e.g. lease, purchase, installation, operation/maintenance). Let Roxie help you successfully develop your renewable energy project with complete advice that addresses the technical and legal considerations of each project.