Regulatory Compliance and Authorizations

Ontairo has a complicated but robust suite of environmental legislation. Key pieces include the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA). The EPA contains a broad and general prohibition on the release of contaminants. It also contains permit requirements typically requried for most projects or commerical undertakings. Also prominant in the EPA are provisions related to brownfields or contaminated lands which can help support remediation and re-development. The EPA also has a fairly broad duty to report spills and contains provisions that allow a claim for damages from spills. 

The OWRA contains provisions related to both surface and ground water. It covers areas like bulk water transfers, ground water wells, and sewage works. 

Other key pieces of Ontario's environmental legislation include the Clean Water Act, 2006, Environmental Assessment Act, Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002

Graystone Environmental acts for individuals and corporations in all aspects of legislative and regulatory compliance. From permits to brownfields to damages from spills, Roxie uses over 10 years of legislative and regulatory experience to provide clients with practical and effective solutions to compliance with Ontario's growing web of environmental laws.